About Us
A company dedicated to changing the course of the future
Any Child Can Learn To Master Mathematics

While 80% of students report that they struggle with maths, we believe and have repeatedly proven that any student can learn to become good at maths and see its beauty and simplicity.

The biggest obstacle to students' progress is their lack of self-confidence in their own abilities. Our number one goal is to increase our student's self-belief and make them realise that they can be great at maths, and not only that, but they can be leaders of progress in our world.
Cumulative Learning
Because maths is a very cumulative subject, if students have gaps in their prior knowledge, it will be difficult for them to pick up the new concepts. Our aim is to find the gaps that our students have in their knowledge and give them a deep understanding of all topics.
Getting Better at Other subjects
Maths is not just a subject, it is the language of logical thinking. Being good at maths teaches us how to think, it teaches us problem solving skills and helps us become better at other subjects too.

Watch our founder's talk at the University of Technology about innovation, mathematics and the importance of self-belief:
Our Mission
Mathematics is the language of the world, it is the basis of most if not all ground breaking innovations in our world. Being competent in maths will enable our students to change the world as we know it and create the impossible. In the new world of Artificial Intelligence, maths will define the course of man kind's future.

As Galileo said: "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe".

So let's equip our children with the power to change the world!
Maths for All Program
The best way to learn a concept is by teaching it!
Because the best way to learn is by teaching, our students are able to choose to participate in our Maths for All program.

In the Maths for All program, our students teach underprivileged and disadvantaged students in the same year as themselves, the concepts that they have learnt with their tutor. Our tutors are always accessible in case a maths question arises. And often it is during these lessons that our students realise "what it is that they didn't know, they didn't know".

The Maths for All lessons happen on our virtual classroom, and allow our students' to deepen their own knowledge of maths, while helping other students that wouldn't otherwise have access to private tutoring succeed.

Underprivileged and disadvantaged students accepted in the program also receive free tutoring with our qualified tutors.
Watch our founder talk about her inspiration for the Maths for All program at the University of Technology, Sydney: