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In this blog we discuss everything that plays a role in your success in mathematics. This includes methods of learning maths, psychology, importance of self-belief, and everything in between.
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Maths Is Inspirational
Learned Hub's CEO Mahya Mirzaei is passionate about inspiring the next generation of Australians to take on mathematics in their future careers. Mahya regularly visits disadvantaged or regional schools in order to help students see the beauty and simplicity of maths, in addition to realise its importance in the jobs of the future.

ABC News caught up with Mahya during one of her visits to a disadvantaged school:
Why Is Maths Important?
Many scholars believe that our world is a mathematical entity, meaning everything around us is formed by mathematics. What does it mean?

Think about a photo of your friends and family. In the photo you see smiling faces of your loved ones but in reality if you go deep inside that photo, you have nothing but a number of pixels with numbers inside. Many believe that this is also true about our universe and that is the reason why we can model our physical world so accurately with math.

In the video below a number of scholars discuss the importance of mathematics:
Believe In Yourself
You are the hero of your own story! Be the hero you were born to be and believe in your ability to fulfil your dreams. Always try your best.

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Becoming good at Maths is not hard! There is nothing that is holding you back from your dreams but yourself.
Blog By: Mahya Mirzaei - CEO and Founder of Learned Hub
Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Space) - Sydney University
PhD in Engineering (Doctorate Degree) - University of Technology, Sydney