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96% of our students have achieved their ATAR Goals
96% of our students have achieved their ATAR Goals and entered the degree of their choice. Taking the first step to their dream careers.
Our students have on average improved their results by 70% (e.g. mark of 50 to 85+). Many have gone from a failing mark to high 90s.
More than 90% of our students have realised their potential and have obtained increased self-confidence in their own abilities.
How it Works
We offer both physical and virtual tutoring.

After 5 years of providing physical in-home tutoring to thousands of students, we have created a virtual tutoring program that outperforms traditional physical tutoring in every way.

Divide Your Lesson to Improve Effectiveness
One thing that makes virtual tutoring more effective, is that if necessary, we can divide your session into a few parts. So for example if you're doing integration, we can cover the basics of integration in the first half an hour of the lesson, then "break the lesson", give you some questions to do, and then continue the lesson in a few hours or the next day after you have gone through those questions. This allows you to consolidate your knowledge and makes tutoring far more effective. This is not possible in physical tutoring.
Ask us any maths questions between your regular sessions
Our help does not stop at your private lesson. Frequently, the hardest part of independent study, is that students get stuck on questions. This may be very frustrating for the student and may make them lose their self-confidence. At Learned however, any time our students have a maths question, we will do a mini lesson with them and help them with that question. Doing mini lessons during the week whenever you need it, is not possible in physical tutoring.
Progress report after every session and structured progress tracking
You will receive a progress report after each session advising the topics covered during the lesson, gaps remaining, and actionable steps you should take to improve. Structured quizzes and knowledge tests, regular meetings with your mentor, and sample exams will also allow us to track your progress systematically and action any knowledge gaps.
No lock-in contracts, flexible and suiting your schedule
Our students are not locked into a contract, they stay with us for years because they love us. No matter how busy you are, we can arrange your regular sessions at times and days that suit you. If you are unable to make a lesson, you won't lose that lesson, and you are able to reschedule it for another day, time or week.
A platform that makes virtual tutoring the same as physical tutoring
Our platform makes virtual tutoring as easy as physical tutoring in terms of writing and communicating with your tutor. Watch our video to see how a lesson works.
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Experience first hand the difference we can make to your maths results, and ultimately allow you to choose your dream career.
With 70% improvement in our students' results,
we are a leader in maths education in Australia
We believe with the right support, any child can learn to become good at maths:
The biggest obstacle to students' progress is their lack of self-confidence in their own abilities. Our number one goal is to increase our student's self-belief and make them realise that they can be great at maths.
Cumulative Learning
Because maths is a cumulative subject, if students have gaps in their prior knowledge, it will be difficult for them to learn new concepts. We find the gaps that our students have in their knowledge and give them a deep understanding of all topics.
Getting Better at Other subjects
Maths is not just a subject, it is the language of logical thinking. Being good at maths teaches us how to think, it teaches us problem solving skills and helps us become better at other subjects too.

Meet Some of Our Tutors
Our tutors are the best tutors in Australia, not just the best tutors in your local area. Excelling both in teaching and maths skills, we will make a difference to your results.
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