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A program designed to ensure the success of our students in maths, school, and beyond.
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Private Maths Tutoring That Actually Works
1 on 1 self-paced learning that allows students to see the beauty and simplicity of maths
Increased Confidence Increases Results
80% of students struggle with maths because they don't receive adequate support. We believe, and have repeatedly proven, that with the right support any student can excel in maths.
Replacing Roadblocks With Strong Foundations
Maths is a series of structured principles. Not understanding one such principle creates a roadblock. These roadblocks inhibit the understanding of connected principles. Our tailored programs ensure the identification and removal of these roadblocks.

Designed Around A Student's Attention Span
Student's attention diminishes after 30 mins. That's why we structure our lessons as two 30 mins sessions, thus allowing time between sessions to consolidate understanding.
A Structured Program Throughout The Week
In between the 30 mins lessons our students are given questions which help to consolidate their understanding, making following sessions much more effective.
Support That Is There When You Need It
Often students lose their self confidence when they try to do questions and get stuck. Every time our students get stuck during their independent study, we help them with their question, enabling them to move on with their study.
An Opportunity To Reinforce Learning By Teaching
Interested students can participate in our Maths for All program, where they teach fellow students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the same concepts they learnt during the lesson.
80% of students struggle with maths
The struggle
80% of students report they struggle with maths. The one size fits all schooling system doesn't cater for an individual students needs, nor their learning pace, which leads to knowledge gaps and the creation of roadblocks
Loss of confidence
These roadblocks inhibit the understanding of more complex principles with the net affect frustration and a loss in confidence as the student gets left further and further behind. This can also affect a students' confidence and ability in other related subjects such as science.
The affected future
Those students struggling in maths wrongly believe they are not capable of pursuing careers that will be very important in our technology driven world.

Learned is here to change this!
of our students have achieved their desired results
and have improved their self-confidence
Making us a leading education provider in Australia
Replacing Roadblocks With Strong Foundations

All topics in maths are built on top of each other, so a small gap in knowledge will result in larger and larger gaps. For example a small gap in algebra can result in gaps in trigonometry, graphing, factorisation, equations, and many other topics.

And gaps in each of the above will result in further gaps and the cycle continues.

This is what makes students cry and lose their self confidence in maths, because they fall further and further behind. It's like a domino effect.

Classroom based teaching at school or tutoring colleges can't remove these individualised gaps. Hence the students never get the foundation necessary to become confident and competent in maths

our individualised approach however will ensure that our students obtain a deep understanding of all topics

Designed Around A Student's Attention Span

One problem with traditional in-person tutoring lessons is that they typically run for 1-2 hours where the tutor crams teaching material, and then the student receives no guidance throughout the week

According to studies student's focus and learning ability decreases significantly after 30 mins.

That's why our lessons are broken down to 30 mins intervals.

A Structured Program Throughout The Week

Everything in maths relies on each other and to learn the more complex concepts in a topic, a deep understanding of the basics of that topic is necessary.

That's why a one or two hour long session is not effective, because the tutor has to go through more complex concepts before the student has had time to fully understand the less complex concepts.

That's why our students receive one to two hours of tutoring in blocks of 30 mins, where they learn a topic, do questions with their tutor, and then be given questions to do on their own. Then after they've had time to consolidate their knowledge, they have their next 30 min lesson, and so on.

If they get stuck during their independent study they also have a mini lesson and ask their tutor questions

Support That Is There When You Need It

Every time our students get stuck on a question outside of their private lesson, we will help them resolve their issue.

We will help the student by going on our virtual classroom and going through the question together, sending them the solution, giving them a hint, or any method that is appropriate for the particular question being asked.

The ongoing support enables our students to continue with their independent study and builds up their self-confidence.

An Opportunity To Reinforce Learning By Teaching

Because the best way to learn is by teaching, our students are able to choose to participate in our Maths for All program.

In the Maths for All program, our students teach disadvantaged students in the same year as themselves, the concepts that they have learnt with their tutor. Our tutors are always accessible in case a maths question arises. And often it is during these lessons that our students realise "what it is that they didn't know, they didn't know".

The Maths for All lessons happen on our virtual classroom, and allow our students' to deepen their own knowledge of maths, while helping other students that wouldn't otherwise have access to private tutoring succeed.

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Our private tutoring lessons are tailored to you and your specific needs. From your weekly private lessons, to help in between lessons, and access to our comprehensive resources, you will receive all the help you need to succeed in maths.
A clear journey to success in maths
1. Trial Lesson
A risk free trial lesson allows you to experience what Learned has to offer with peace of mind. During the trial lesson we will set goals and assess your knowledge which allows us to create a clear plan of the program going forward going forward.

During the trial lesson you will meet your regular tutor and you will go through a concept that you don't currently understand, this is so you can clearly see how Learned Hub works.
2. In-depth understanding
Our aim is to provide our students with an in-depth knowledge of all the topics that they are studying at school. This not only improves our students self-confidence, but allows them to get ahead of their class and see measurable progress in their results.

A thorough understanding of maths concepts also improves students problems solving skills, allowing to have a logical and mathematical approach to problem solving, as opposed to just relying on rules that they don't fully understand.

We follow the school curriculum very closely, allowing our students to master what they are doing at school and excel in maths.
3. Individual Approach
One of the reasons students struggle with maths is that they don't receive adequate one on one attention at school. Our individual approach allows us to identify and eliminate all the gaps that a student has in their knowledge and provide them with a thorough understanding of the topics.

Because maths is a cumulative subject, if students have gaps in their prior knowledge, it will be difficult for them to learn new concepts. Therefore, to enable our students to excel in maths, we find the gaps that each student has in their knowledge and give them a deep understanding of all topics.
4. Improve self-confidence
The biggest obstacle to students' progress is their lack of self-confidence in their own abilities. Our number one goal is to increase our student's self-belief and make them realise that they can be great at maths.

Maths is not just a subject, it is the language of logical thinking. Being good at maths teaches us how to think, it teaches us problem solving skills and helps us become better at other subjects too.

5. Any time help
Our help does not stop at your private lesson. Frequently, the hardest part of independent study, is that students get stuck on questions. This may be very frustrating for the student and may make them lose their self-confidence.

At Learned however, any time our students have a maths question, we will do a mini lesson with them and help them with that question. Doing mini lessons during the week whenever you need it, will be immensely helpful for student's self-confidence and overall progress.
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Email: contact@learnedhub.com.au
Will my tutor remain the same every week?
Yes, your tutor will remain the same and will not change from week to week.
Do the additional questions that I can ask outside my private lesson, cost extra?
No, you can ask up to 5 questions per week outside your private lesson at no additional cost. We will go on our virtual classroom with you and explain the question to you.
What year level students do you teach?
We have personalised programs for all year levels from year 1 to year 12.
Our primary school program caters for students in year 1-6, while our high school and ATAR programs cater for year 7-10 and year 11-12 students respectively.
How are the sessions conducted?
The session are done via our virtual classroom which makes virtual tutoring as easy as writing on pen and paper but with many additional benefits. Do you need to be tech savvy to use our virtual classroom? Absolutely not :)
How do you choose your tutors?
From the hundreds of applications we receive every month, only 2% make it through our tests and interview stages. Our tutors are in the top 3% of the country in terms of their ATAR results and have outstanding teaching skills. All our tutors go through vigorous maths knowledge tests, interviews, teaching interviews and tests. All our tutors also go through our training program.

What does your risk free trial mean?
We pride ourselves in providing one of the most effective private maths tutoring programs in Australia. If for any reason however after your first lesson you find that you are not 100% happy with the service you have received, you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.
Am I locked into a contract?
No, you are not locked into a contract and can cancel anytime. Our students stay with us for years because they love us, not because they are locked into a contract.
Do you follow the school curriculum?
Yes, we follow the school curriculum very closely. Our aim is to help our students obtain a deep understanding of all the topics they are doing at school, and do the best they can in their exams. We strive to help our students get to the top of their class.
Can I choose the day and time of my lessons?
Yes absolutely. Tutoring will be organised according to your schedule and on a time and day that suits you, no matter how busy you are.
What if I can't make a lesson?
If you can't make a lesson you will not lose that lesson and you can reschedule the lesson for another day or another week. You will just need to provide us with at least 2 hours of notice.
Can I pause tutoring during school holidays?
Yes absolutely, you may pause tutoring during school holidays if you wish, but you don't have to.