Technical Guide
We've provided some answers to some common technical issues below. If you have any technical issues or solutions, please let us know using the ideas, improvements and bug reporting form. Please also let us know directly if any technical issues have impacted your lesson with a student.
Common Technical Issues
Click on the underlined title of the topic you want to learn about. Follow the instructions to troubleshoot and fix your technical problems. If you cannot find your issue in this list, contact us or use the Zoom live-chat or other Zoom support centre features.
Student Can't Write on Zoom Whiteboard
Cause: Annotation Not Activated
When you share the whiteboard with a student on Zoom, the student view of the whiteboard is slightly different to yours. They will typically see only the blank whiteboard and the video icons (no toolbars visible).

Direct them to move their mouse to the top or bottom of their screen, which should prompt a slide-down menu. Select 'More Options' and then click 'Annotate'. This will bring up the drawing toolbar, where the student can click 'Draw' and will be able to write on the whiteboard.

We recommend you send yourself a Zoom invitation and practice doing this yourself to make sure you can visualise what this looks like for the student.

Other Cause:

If this does not fix the issue and there is some other reason the student cannot write on the board (e.g. stylus battery dead, no stylus, other technical issue), you should do all of the writing / drawing for them (ask them to tell you exactly what to write on the whiteboard). The student should not try to write with their mouse or to use a pen and paper.
Sound/Microphone Not Working in Zoom
Possible Causes:
1. Make sure nothing is muted inside the Zoom app. You can check the mic and audio connection by pressing 'Test microphone and speaker'
2. Make sure that the Zoom app has microphone permissions turned on/ it has been allowed to use the microphone from the device
3. Try connecting a set of headphones / disconnecting the headphones in case the problem is in the computer hardware

Perform Audio Test:
Users can test their audio at

  1. Click the blue Join button to launch Zoom.
  2. When prompted by your browser, click Open Zoom Meetings. If you don't have Zoom installed on your computer, follow the prompts to download and install Zoom.
  3. The test meeting will display a pop-up window to test your speakers. If you don't hear the ringtone, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch speakers until you hear the ringtone. Click Yes to continue to the microphone test.

Go here for more detailed guidance:

Still Having Problems?
If you are still having issues with your sound or microphone, one way to fix this is to join the meeting by phone audio. In your meeting, go to the menu next to the microphone icon, and select 'Switch to Phone Audio' and follow the prompts. Please refer to the Zoom Help Centre instructions on how to do this in more detail;

If there is still any difficulty getting this to work, the next best thing is to just call each other using a normal phone call (or using Skype) using your phones, and at the same time use the Zoom app (or back-up whiteboard like AwwApp) to proceed with the lesson. However this is only a temporary solution because that sound will not be present in your lesson recording.

After the lesson finishes, trouble-shoot the issue by using the Zoom live-chat feature.
Poor Internet Connectivity, Latency Issues, Glitching Audio / Video
You can check your internet connection speed at ensuring you can achieve at least 3 mbps upload and download speed. It's a good idea to test your internet prior to any lessons or change of location or change to your internet connection.

1. Use a wired or LAN connection over a WiFi connection. WiFi can be prone to electromagnetic interference that may not appear apparent when browsing the internet or downloading, but may appear during your lessons.

2. If using WiFi, try and locate yourself in the same room as the WiFi access point or router and maintain a direct line of sight between your device and the access point or router. It is also possible to purchase a WiFi booster to help get a stronger signal in other rooms.

3. If you are still having issues, try resetting your modem or router. You can also try rebooting your computer and ensure that all unnecessary programs are not running.

4. You can use 4G / mobile data to Hotspot your device. Data is usually fairly reliable, however unfortunately it can be expensive, so we recommend that you try all of the above options first!
Time-Limit on Zoom Meetings
If your Zoom meeting automatically ends after 40mins, or you see a timer on the top of your Zoom meeting counting down, this is an indication that either you or your student have not created a Zoom account.

Ask your student to create a free account on Zoom. This way the the time-limit on your 1-to-1 meetings is removed (so you can have unlimited length lessons).

You can create a free account with Zoom by following the link below;
Can't Find Screen-Recording Option In Zoom
Instructions on starting a recording in Zoom:

iPad users:
Unfortunately we have had some issues with iPad users in the past due to limitations of the Zoom app. It is likely that you will not be able to Save Screens or start meeting recordings from within the Zoom app if using an iPad. This means you will need to take screenshots externally and start an external screen recording when your session begins. Please make sure you practice doing this before your first session, as it can sometimes crash the meeting. Here is an instruction forum on how to screen-record on an iPad;
Issues with Zoom Link, Student Unable to Join My Zoom Meeting Room.
Add the student to your Zoom account (similar to Skype), and to start a session, call the student through your Zoom account. This prevents any issues relating to Zoom not sending links to meeting rooms.

How to add contacts:

On the Zoom homepage, simply go into 'Contacts', 'Add New Contact' and type in the email address of the contact you wish to add. They will then get a contact request. Once they accept the request, this account will appear in your Contacts list, and you can call and chat them directly through Zoom.
My student just dropped from the lesson, what should I do?
Call the student or guardian and help them rejoin the lesson. Stay on the call until they have successfully rejoined and are able to communicate with you.
Zoom Live Chat, Help Articles and Tech Support
Go to Use the live chat facility to troubleshoot with Zoom technical support staff, alternatively you may browse the support articles to assist you with your issue. Engaging the Zoom support staff is recommended.

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