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NEW UPDATES: Tutor Time Spent Outside of Lessons

Hi tutors,

We have received feedback from some of our tutors recently that they are spending a lot of time outside of lessons completing tutoring-related tasks. Therefore, we wanted to remind you that there is no expectation for tutors to spend time outside of class with your students, as well as some suggestions and changes to help you reduce outside-of-class time.

Here is a recap of things you should do to ensure this doesn’t happen:
  • Don’t go over lesson times. If you feel the student needs more tutoring time, let us know and indicate this in the progress report so that we can organise it with the client. You are not expected to go over time on your lessons.
  • Setting homework or marking homework should be done within the lesson (2-3 mins).
  • Tutors don’t need to answer student queries outside lessons. Instead, you can tell the student that they can organise a paid session outside the lesson (e.g. 10 mins) or can catch up during the next lesson.
  • Please make use of the Textbooks and Resources to reduce preparation time. You do not need to create your own content or material – simply work through the examples in the textbooks during your lessons!
  • NEW UPDATE: from now on, tutors are asked to complete the progress report during the last 5 mins of each 1 hour with the student (3 – 5mins). More on this below.

What you will need to do differently with lesson reports:
  • Please allocate the last 5mins of a 1hr class (or the last 5mins of the second 30min class in a week) for completing the lesson report. This should take no more than 5 minutes.
  • Please complete the lesson report as a wrap-up activity together with the student while still in the Zoom call. 
  • The reporting process should involve the student in an open, constructive discussion. Ask the student to reflect on the lesson and think of any feedback or ideas. For example, you could ask "what do you think went well today?", "what areas do you think you still need to work on?" “What goals should we set for next lesson?” etc. and including these in the relevant lesson report fields (as well as additional feedback from yourself as well).
  • Currently this change does not apply to Trial Lesson Reports. 

These new changes to the lesson reports are intended to reduce the amount of time tutors spend outside of lesson times, as well as positively reinforce student learning by giving them a stronger feeling of self-direction and a chance to reflect on their progress. 

I hope these changes and the other reminders above will help you all to reduce the amount of time spent outside of class. If you believe that any of these might cause any issues, or there is something else contributing a lot to your out-of-class time, please let us know!

Happy tutoring!