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Get Involved! Share Your Passion

Do you want to get involved? Do you want to spread your love of mathematics?

We are currently working on our company's website and social media pages and would like to show off some of our talented tutors to the world! If you are interested in helping us promote our tutoring services we would love some of your input :)

Tutor Bios
We are looking to showcase our fantastic tutors which involves some basic info (such as name, subject scores), a photo and a brief personal statement. If you would like your bio to be featured, please fill in the form below with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing:


Please note that participation is completely voluntary. No personal information will be posted on the internet without your prior consent.

Tutorial Creation: 
Another way you can get involved is by creating a short tutorial video of yourself explaining a maths concept. These videos are meant to be brief (1-5mins long) examples of what online tutoring might be like, created as a recording in Zoom. You can explain any topic that you like and you can choose to video yourself as well or just your whiteboard. You can see some example videos on our LearnEd Facebook page. 

If you choose to create a similar video or have any questions, please contact katerina@learnedhub.com.au. We would love your input, even if it’s just one or two quick videos!

We would love to celebrate all our brilliant tutors at LearnEd and help spread our passion for mathematics and tutoring. If this is something you might like to participate in, we would really appreciate it!