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NEW Subject Selection Form! Action Required.

Hello tutors! 

We hope your tutoring is going well as we get to the busier time of year with exams and assessments. 

LearnEd has gradually been expanding our tutor skills base to broader areas other than just mathematics. To account for this change, we have developed an updated Subject Selection Form where you can indicate your subject, curriculum and year level preferences for all subjects offered in Australia. 

What you need to do: 
All tutors must submit this new form as this will be the primary way in which we match students to tutors going forward. Please allocate ~5 mins to go through the form within the next week or so. 

Please follow the link to the new form here: Subject Selection Form

Important things to note: 

  1. Main Subject Areas: The main subjects we offer for tutoring are Mathematics, English and Science subjects. Please try to cover these subject areas as a priority. The other subject areas, like humanities, languages, business subjects etc. are not requested very frequently, however we would like to know if you are able to tutor them, just in case we get a student requesting tutoring for one these. 
  2. Tutor ID Required: You will need to input your Tutor ID in the form (this must be entered correctly, with no spaces on either side, for your subject choices to be linked to your account). This would have been emailed to you in the past, however if you are unsure of your Tutor ID please reply to this email and we can provide it to you. 
  3. Resubmitting the Form: In the future if you ever wish to update your subject preferences again you can do so. However when you do this, please re-select ALL of the subjects you are able to tutor, because re-submitting the form will completely overwrite the selections from your previous submissions. 

If you have any questions about the new form or anything else, please reach out! 

Happy tutoring :) 

Kind regards,