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Important: Calling Student Parents

Hi Tutors,

This should be the procedure you go through when new trial students are assigned to you:

  • A day or two in advance: Contact the guardian (by phone) to introduce yourself, find out what topic areas they want to go over, and gain their confirmation of attendance. Explain briefly how the first lesson will work (i.e. that they must create a free account and download Zoom on their device, and that you will email them a link a few minutes before their session)
  • 5mins prior to the start of your first session: call the guardian on their mobile and let them know that you have sent them a Zoom invitation email and are waiting online. Guide them through clicking on the link and getting set up, and stay on-call until the student / guardian are successfully in the Zoom meeting with you and their sound / mic is working correctly. 

It has come to our attention that tutors are not aware of / are not following this procedure when they are starting a lesson with a student. Unfortunately, online tutoring is quite new to a lot of our prospective clients, so if anything goes wrong in the trial lesson they are easily discouraged and will not sign up for ongoing sessions. This procedure aims to also reduce the number of clients not showing up to their trial lessons (this happens most often because of confusion with how the lesson will work and how to set up Zoom). 

If you have not heard back a confirmation of the lesson from your assigned client within 2 hours of the start of your trial lesson, please send an email to enquiries@learnedhub.com.au letting us know. 

As usual, if you are ever unsure of the procedure or have questions, please ask! 

Kind regards, 
LearnEd Admin Team