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My Lessons: new way for reporting and tracking lessons!

Hi tutors! 

After months of development and testing, our brand new system called My Lessons is officially live to all tutors! You will need your unique Tutor ID to login - you should have already received an email about this, but if you are unsure what this is please let us know. 

Some of the goals of this new system are to: 
  • Help tutors to track their lessons by allowing them to view their whole lesson history and upcoming lessons through the My Lessons page in the Tutor Portal. 
  • Help tutors to complete lesson reports quickly by removing many of the repetitive fields in the reports (such as no longer needing to add client details and dates). 
  • Allow tutors to easily see which lesson reports have been completed and which are due or upcoming based on the lesson dates. 
  • Give tutors the ability to view all of their past lesson reports without needing to look in their emails. 
  • Give tutors the ability to quickly and easily reschedule once-off lessons with the click of a button without having to email our team. 

This is an exciting new development for LearnEd that we are hoping will help tutors to self-manage their lessons with ease and independence. 

In the coming months development will continue. We intend to start using your 'completed' lessons on this page as a way to track your work hours instead of doing manual invoicing - so ensuring you complete your lesson reports on time is extremely important! Just a reminder that you are now encouraged to complete the report during the last 2-3mins of your lesson together with your student instead of outside of class time. 

We are aiming to be shutting down the old lesson report forms in July. For now if there are any issues with My Lessons that stop you from being able to complete your lesson report on time, please use the old Ongoing Lesson Report form or Trial Lesson Report form and and let me know ASAP what went wrong. As of Monday 7th of June 2021, these two old forms should be used as a backup ONLY. 

This is the link to My Lessonshttps://www.learnedhub.com.au/mylessons. We recommend you bookmark it because you will be using it a lot! As with all important links, you can also always find it on the Tutor Portal Home page. 

We hope the system will be straightforward to use, but there are some detailed instructions in the My Lessons Guide if you need (also available in the portal). 

Please let Katerina know if you have any questions or notice any technical issues with the new system. Also please reach out if you notice that your schedule isn't quite correct or there are lessons missing. Katerina can be reached at katerina@learnedhub.com.au

Happy tutoring :)