Tutor Portal News Feed

Welcome to your Tutor Portal!

Hello to our wonderful tutors! This is our brand new Tutor Portal that you can use to help you get everything done. This post will outline how to use the portal, where to find all of the information you need and what to do if you are having trouble. 

How to Use the Tutor Portal 
There are a few things you should use this portal for;
  • Keeping up to date with news and opportunities within LearnEd 
  • Quickly and easily accessing all important forms, documents and links
  • Completing your Training and On-boarding (if you are a new recruit) 
  • Contacting the admin team

News and Opportunities
All news and opportunities around LearnEd (potentially including additional paid work opportunities) will be featured on the Tutor Portal Home Page in a feed post similar to this one. We recommend you keep an eye on the feed to make sure you never miss any important updates or reminders. 

Accessing Important Forms, Documents and Links
All of the most important forms, documents and links will be accessible as links from the Tutor Portal home page. This includes your tutoring update forms (for both regular and trial lessons), availability forms, invoice forms and documents, Zoom Help Centre and other services, our Electronic Textbook Library and lots of other resources. This should hopefully help you access everything you will need as a tutor from one place! 
Tip: You can bookmark the Tutor Portal on your devices (including your phone!) to have quick access to everything you may need. 

Completing Training and On-boarding
If you are a new recruit, welcome aboard! We hope that with this Tutor Portal your onboarding goes smoothly and easily. To begin the process, you will need to click on 'Starting Out' on the home page (or follow the link here) which will take you to the On-boarding workflow including all important Starter Documents (contract and other forms), the Tutoring Guide (which will help you learn all about how tutoring works here at LearnEd) and the final step of having a training session with one of our Admin team. 

Contacting the Admin Team
The Tutor Portal also contains a list of the important contact information you may need to get in touch with the LearnEd team. If you ever have any questions or concerns, technical difficulties, need to take time off, please refer to the Contact Us field to see how to get in touch. We want you to have a smooth-sailing experience with tutoring, so please don't be afraid to send us a message! 

I can't see something in the portal? 
If you are unable to access a link or page from the Tutor Portal, or are experiencing any other bugs, please send us an email to contact@learnedhub.com.au and we will fix this promptly. This is a brand new portal so unfortunately we cannot detect all of the bugs straight away! 

What next? 
This is just the first implementation of the portal, and among other things we are hoping to implement a calendar or scheduling system in the future to make it easier for you to keep track of your lessons. If you have any other suggestions of what you would like to see in your Tutor Portal, please send us your thoughts with the Tutor Idea Box.