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Blog Writers Needed

Welcome to 2020 with LearnEd, we hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year! To help build our brand this year, LearnEd is currently looking for those that may be interested in writing blog articles for use on our website and social media channels. This work will be paid at an hourly rate of $30/hr and you'll be paid to research and draft articles, submitted in a word doc format. Your article should make use of non copyrighted high quality images. Each article topic is to be pre-agreed with LearnEd in writing (e-mail) before you commence the work. You should be knowledgeable in your desired topic areas.

Write articles that are informative to our target audiences to increase website traffic and brand awareness. The articles need not be tutoring or education related, but must be relatable for our target audience.

Target audiences (Australian based and in order of preference):
  • 16-18 year old students in years 10-12
  • 13-15 year old students in years 7-9.
  • Parents of the above target audience groups.

Example topics:
  • How to gain entry into university without a high ATAR. This would focus on institutions like UTS Insearch, which offer 1 year in a TAFE level course with direct entry into 2nd year university.
  • Study resources for year 12 maths (or other subjects).
  • Review of the top PC/laptops for school.
  • Review of devices for tutoring - Drawing tablets, microphones,
  • Best places in the world to travel after year 12.
  • Best places to go for schoolies.
  • Review of some Australian universities, pros, cons, some interviews/comments from current uni students.
  • Review of a number of university degree courses, what is covered during the degree and what job prospects exist post qualification. This would help inform students on what university courses and careers they might like to apply for.
  • How to choose a good tutor. This could focus on personality compatibility, tutor's background strengths in the subject area (demonstrated marks, high ATAR achievement), location of the tutor, availability of the tutor and pricing.
  • Why LearnEd is different to other Australian tutoring Companies. This could focus on our 1 on 1 tailored teaching approach which really caters for the individual needs of each student. A lot of tutoring companies are still classroom or group based and use generic worksheets throughout the class with little consideration to individual student knowledge gaps.
  • Tips to make your online tutoring experience better. This could discuss improving wifi connectivity, the use of a writing tablet, preparing questions or topics for your tutor ahead of the lesson.
  • 2020 Year 12 exam timetables for HSC, VCE, QCE, WACE, etc.

What will be agreed upon:
  1. Blog topic and content key/dot points
  2. Word count estimate or range
  3. Hours required for the task
  4. Due date for the delivery of the task

Next steps:
If you'd like to express interest in writing an article please let me know via e-mail with your desired topic(s). Feel free to suggest additional topics that you'd like to write about which may be intriguing to our target audiences.

Email: mitchell@learnedhub.com.au