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Lesson Report Policy Update

Hi tutors, 

I hope you are all doing well :) This update is intended to:

  • Let you know about a new change to our lesson report submission policy, and 
  • Remind tutors about submitting your lesson reports on time. 

More details below!

1. Changes to Lesson Report Policy - All Lessons have WEEKLY Lesson Reports! 

As of next week (Monday 12th of July), our lesson report policy is changing slightly to the following: 

Every weekly student that you have requires exactly 1 lesson report per week of tutoring, regardless of the total tutoring duration tutored that week. 

All lessons covered in the week will be included in ONE single lesson report per week, including additional lessons or lessons re-scheduled to that week. 

Please submit your lesson reports on the last lesson of the week with each student. 

Since over 85% of our weekly student assignments complete one or more total hours of tutoring per week, on average this change means that tutors will be completing less lesson reports in total. 

For example, if you do 3x30min lessons in a week with a student, you would complete 1 lesson report for all 3 sessions that week. The amount of detail in your lesson reports should be relative to the amount of lessons included - so please ensure you describe what topics you covered in each lesson in that report. 

This will be going live on Monday. Please let us know if you have any feedback about this approach! :) 

2. Improving on Overdue Lesson Reports 

We are still noticing a large amount of tutors not submitting their reports on the day of the lesson. Timely lesson reports are part of your contractual responsibilities to LearnEd, and part of what our clients pay for in their tutoring service. 

Lesson reports are now used for your tutor invoicing in My Invoices (the old manual invoice form will be disabled next month). We use the lesson reports as evidence of your completion of the lessons. 

Clients sometimes also ask to cross-reference their lesson reports with their billing. We have recently had a client claim that they were not provided with the correct number of lessons, and without the lesson reports as evidence it became very difficult to show that we had actually delivered the lessons and not overcharged them.

We have made a large number of changes to make lesson reports easier and quicker to complete, including pre-filling most fields, sending links and reminders to your emails and allowing reports to be submitted together with the student during lesson time. 

At this point, having overdue or unsubmitted lesson reports is not acceptable. If the lessons that week have been completed, the lesson report should have been completed as well. If the lesson was rescheduled, please reflect that in My Lessons so that we know the new date of the lesson. If there is some other issue, please notify us so that we can update our records. Our team will be individually following up to investigate tutors who have overdue lesson reports. 

On a positive note, a big thank you to the wonderful tutors who have been doing the right thing and keeping their schedules up to date and their reports all completed on time. Keep up the fantastic work! :) 

Also a big thank you to anyone who has provided feedback on the new systems in place, we appreciate your input and will continue to work on making the scheduling, reporting and invoicing systems suit your needs! Please continue to provide feedback or suggestions if you can. 

Thank you for reading this update and happy tutoring!