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New Feature: Add Additional Lesson Time

Hi to all our wonderful LearnEd tutors!

This is an announcement about a new option available in My Lessons.

Sometimes students will want to buy an extra lesson, or pay to extend an existing lesson around busy assessment periods in addition to their weekly lesson time commitment. Tutors are now able to easily process these kinds of requests for additional lesson time and have the lesson populate in their schedule.

This can be completed within 2-3mins, and can even be done during a lesson! The button for this feature can be accessed via the "My Students" tab in My Lessons. The step-by-step process is detailed in Section 6 of the My Lessons Guide

Important things to remember before using this feature: 

  • The account holder will be charged an additional fee for all lesson time you submit through this form!

  • You need to get prior written permission (a quick text or email) from the account holder. The message should (at a minimum) include the lesson date and additional duration, and their response acknowledging that they agree to pay for the additional lesson.

  • This process is NOT the same as rescheduling a missed lesson. If you have lessons in your schedule that the student missed in previous weeks, please ensure you change the status to "RESCHEDULE" in My Lessons and catch up on those first before adding extra time! 

You will not be able to add any additional time to your schedule if you have any "RESCHEDULE" status lessons with that student. Lessons with "RESCHEDULE" status now automatically expire after 30 days from their original date. 

Please ensure you are always catching up on missed lesson time with students within 30 days. You can do this by adding the lesson back into your schedule with the Reschedule Lesson button. If you can't catch up the lesson time within 30 days of the original lesson please reach out to us at enquiries@learnedhub.com.au for assistance.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or feedback! 

Happy tutoring :) 

LearnEd team